Bramble Bay District Rally

Saturday 12 June 2021

What a fantastic effort put in by our youth members at this year's Bramble Bay District Rally. There were a number of activities designed to test the skills of members from our sections. The Cubs did a fantastic job at cooking over an open fire for the first time. They managed to gauge the temperature producing delectable travelling' tacos and a stove top cocoa desert that was to "die for"!

Members from our Scout Unit displayed skill and prowess in constructing an A-frame and successfully moving a Scout member over a course. They were equally challenged with other bases that included constructing a stretcher and carrying a "patient" between two points trying in an attempt to be the fastest team.

Kudos must also go to the Military Cadets who set up an excellent obstacle course for our Cubs to navigate. There enthusiasm towards our youth members completing the individual obstacles was amazing!

Our Joey Scouts were also put through their paces over a number of bases. Here they are having completed constructing clothes lines, and moving on to other knot tieing.

And the Shield goes to . . . Bald Hills Scout Group!