Joint Cub & Joey Canoeing Camp

Saturday 12 - Sunday 13 September 2020

The Cub and Joey Scouts held an awesome camp under canvas where they progressed through the OAS Paddling Stage 1, Camping and Bushcraft Stage 2 badge requirements. There was plenty of time for learning new skills and having FUN!

They also completed bases where they acquired new skills and honed existing skills in navigation, safe fire preparation and lighting, and pioneering, culminating in the construction of see-saws – which proved more popular than any electronic device.

The weekend incorporated the obligatory campfire under the stars, and a Scouts’ Own. Word spread like wild fire that Ruru (Group Leader and chief cook and bottle washer) had in his possession a secret stash of Tim Tam’s, which proved an over whelming treat with hot milo around the campfire.

In reviewing the camp, the youth members commented that “it was awesome”, “when can we do this again”, and “the food was yummy”. They all expressed a desire to learn new pioneering and knotting techniques in the future, extend their experience in navigation and orienteering, and further develop their paddling and boating skills.

It is a credit to the Youth Program that such a young group of campers now have opportunities available where they can experience a weekend of safe adventurous outdoor activities, living together under canvas, and developing their interpersonal skills in cooperation, responsibility, and resilience. Here’s looking to their next adventure!